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pbDigital, a division of PBSAA Division of PBSA

pbDigital, a division of PBSA previously Pitney Bowes South Africa


Software to automate processes, cut down on paper & print cost and increase operational efficiencies.

eSign and Digital Signature Document workflow

eSign Document Workflow

SigniFlow is the most advanced eSign & Digital Signature document workflow system in South Africa.

pbDigital - pbVerify Creadit Bureau Solutions

Credit Bureau

Our software suite helps businesses to manage risk associated with granting credit.

pbDigital ECMS and DMS


Software to automate the flow of content and documents across the enterprise.

pbDigital BPM

Business Process Automation

Software to turn system data into meaningful customer communications.

pbDigital | Overview

pbDigital (the software division of PBSA, formerly Pitney Bowes SA) specialises in a range of software products designed to help clients communicate more efficiently with their customers.

pbDigital’s software offerings can be classified according to the following categories;

  • eSign document workflow, Digital signature and PKI integration solutions
  • Credit Risk Management, Data & Credit Bureau API integration and Customer on-boarding.
  • Enterprise Content and Document Management
  • Business Process automation software with multi-channel output tools and workflow

Product Categories

pbDigital eSign Digital Signature Document Workflow

eSign Document Workflow

Visit - The most advanced & legally compliant digital signature & document workflow system in SA

pbVerify Credit Bureax solutions

Credit Bureau

Visit - The #1 choice in SA for managing your Business Credit Risk through all major bureaux on one platform

Customer On-Boarding

Customer On-boarding

Intelligent customer on-boarding forms with built-in, real-time personal and business verification.

SSL Website Certificates

SSL Website Certificates

SSL Secure Site Seals enable your website visitors to know you have invested in their safety and indicate that you provide secure transactions and data.

Identity and Access Management (IAM)

Identity and Access Management

With the customer-centric IAM Identity and Access Management solution, you can empower your users to manage their own identities enabling your organization to reduce customer care costs by automating identity processes.

Document Management and enterprise Content management Solutions

FileBound ECM

Automate the flow of content and documents across the enterprise. On-premise or in the Cloud.

pbDigital simply turns costly paper-based processes into cost-efficient electronic processes. Our technologies are world-class and our innovations lead the way in Africa. Our software solutions process millions of transactions every day, touching millions of people across Africa.

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